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This week I learned how to develop a blog. It is a concept that has scared me since I first heard of this assignment. I didn’t think I was interesting enough to own a blog. I didn’t want to write about what I know because there is always someone who knows more. The more I fought the idea however, the more I saw it as a challenge. I had a very negative approach to this this blog at the beginning, but I have decided to make more than just a college assignment. It is a project in perseverance and positivity.

The name I have decided on relates to an idea of a word a week. A word to consider in my learning and reflections. To start, I’m focusing on Perseverance. College requires a lot of attention and motivation and it is easy to lose focus, especially when the workload sneaks up on you. As was the case regarding my own work last week. It was easy to relax back into college during the first two weeks of the semester but come the start of tutorials and labs the level of work rises quickly. It is the time where perseverance is most important but usually lacking.

Many of my lectures circled around ethics this week, each in their own way but inherently similar. New media focused on the different theories, different justifications for actions, it made me think about even the smallest action and its consequences. In Jurisprudence we covered Anti Formalism, the idea of including morals into the facts of the law, judging what is right and wrong with personal ethics. It is an interesting concept, the law is supposed to be predictable, legal rules and case facts lead to decisions. Language is manipulated, we read between the lines for more meanings. It is fascinating, another dimension to legal decisions.

Seeing ethics in both my Law lectures and English ones led me to think about all the different branches of ethics in our lives, the fundamentals are the same, the theories are different. It most certainly is interesting, it inspires a perseverance to continue when the work level rises. It is worth working towards.


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