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Copyright law is an interesting topic. It comes under the scope of Intellectual Property, what ideas are our own? Is anything original anymore? For me it shed a light on how nobody can truly act alone. A case I looked into through this topic was Fairey v Associated Press. Neither photograph would have garnered the success it did had it not been for the other one. Fairey eventually had to settle and the profits were spilt but cases like this one happen regularly and are incredibly interesting reads.

Great ideas do not tend to come from one source, kernels of ideas are planted by different people and together they are expressed in some form of art. I think it could be dangerous to think too far into the idea of this however, wondering if all our thoughts are replicas of others?  Second guessing all products of our imaginations. I’d love to hear any opinions!

Originality in a personal sense was important this week as I tried to perfect my CV for International Cooperative Education. It is a tricky balancing act,what experiences do you add? Which interests are CV worthy and which ones are simply a talking point? The Co-op officers I worked with were incredibly helpful in answering these questions and aiding me to put my best self forward. It made me realise that a CV need not be just a simple reflection of grades and jobs. Your personality can be weaved into every aspect to present the bigger picture of you.




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