Constitutional Law covers a wide range of topics, some can be controversial and inspire debate amongst the class whereas others are more of the quiet class type. We file in, we take notes for two hours and file out again. It is by far one of the most interesting modules we have studied however and the facility for discussion and debate between classmates makes the learning of the subject easier.

It is hard to find a topic on which everyone’s opinion differs. We usually form the same opinions on legal matters due to the fact that we receive the same information and are so reliant on facts, but in relation to topics such as Unenumerated Rights and The Right to Life of the Unborn, we are divided. As we walk out of tutorials, we discuss the opinions we took from the information and the opinions voiced by our peers. The beauty of it is the way we have learned to debate respectfully of each other.

Reflecting on old conversations of similar strong opinions, the manner in which we address each other is by far more elegant now. We can leave our opinions in the topic boxes they come from and resume a normal conversation despite our differing views.



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