A landlord is someone nearly all of us have an encounter with, especially while cruising our way through college. We may sign a lease with several of our best friends or even total strangers and agree to pay too much money per week to live in a glorified cupboard. Many of us sign these leases without fully realising what they are and find ourselves in situations that are less than friendly.

After studying Landlord and Tenant Law in recent weeks I found it very informative on the balance between parties. It was interesting to view the inequalities and the legislative provisions in place to rectify them. That is not to say that as a tenant we have no responsibilities. A tenant needs to be aware of their obligations as well as their rights under the  Landlord and Tenant Acts 1967 to 1994 and the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.

The necessary reliance and trust between Landlord and Tenant is similar to many others in such a mutually beneficial relationship and can lead to tense relations if negotiations break down or the lease is breached. We can see how each party has rights and responsibilities very clearly in the Citizen’s Information page on the topic which I found to be very helpful while studying this aspect of Land Law.



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