As the end of the semester draws nearer, so does my Co-op. And still, I have nothing finalised. Neither does half of my class but the prospect is scary nonetheless. I have spent many hours in meetings with Co-op officers and talking about my plans for the 8 months to anyone who will listen but still fail to have a placement.

There are a number of things I have been told when discussing this lack of work experience.

  1. Have patience
  2. Have patience
  3. Have patience

I am very nearly out of patience. Of course I understand it is a long process and it will fall into place eventually and all be worth it but because we are so used to having many of our problems solved quickly and effortlessly thanks to an immediate return environment provided by internet never being far from reach, when we must work and wait for something, our patience doesn’t pass the test.

In light of this, I searched for different ways to improve my patience in everyday life and found this article to be incredibly helpful.

The points that worked the best for me were:

  • Reading
    • Knowing the delayed return on a book was worth sticking to it and getting to the end, regardless of how long it took.
  • Growing Plants
    • It takes a lot of time to grow a plant from a seed but the benefits are definitely worth it. Seeing those first sprouts gave me a sense of pride and eventually I’ll have fresh flowers in my room.
  • Cooking From Scratch
    • While I am not the best cook, taking the time out to prepare and cook my meals not only helps my patience, it calms me down when stressed.

If anybody has any other ways that help them develop their patience, I would love if you could share!




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