When I first started this blog I was unsure of what to do, how to write and what I could even write about. But as I sat down to type out a post each week, it became easier to reflect on what had been important during the past few days. Whether it was a personal realisation, class debate or thought provoking subject.

By writing this blog I have been able to document and clearly set time aside to reflect on my week and the impact it has had on my studies.

I have learnt a lot about myself in the eight weeks I have maintained this blog. I have read many interesting articles on topics similar to what I am writing about from WordPress that have really helped me in my studies. They are all listed in my Blogroll if you are interested in reading further into any topic I have discussed.

I have also learned to tie different elements of all my modules together to  get a more rounded picture of legal scenarios in the real world. By looking for complementing features in similar topics I was able to understand each individual piece better.

This is not something that I would have done so in depth had I not been primarily tasked with writing this blog.  It has been an informative and interesting eight week run and I hope you have enjoyed my reflections as much as I have.


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